To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...

Publicado em 18 Fev 2020
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To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
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  • Yes! Renew Anne with an E! 2:52

  • 14:11😂😂😂😂😂 "who cares, I'm tall"

  • Kitty is the Best

  • I want some pizza😍.

  • where kenny from camp

  • Teen Movies like this makes me feel so lucky to be single

  • As a qualified male. I can tell all of the females that most of the time, we are thinking about all of life’s miseries and/or nothing what so ever. It’s a fun life being a man...


  • 12:45 IT’S MUFFIN TIME

  • Who’s here after they announced To All The Boys 3

  • Am I the only one who this Noah Centineo sounds like Grant Gustin-

  • pro tip people: if you wanna avoid laura jean's situation, heres how: just don't like *anybody*. thats what I do and I mean, it works(?)

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  • Jordan Fisher was the only good thing in this movie....

  • Don’t forget about Steven and josh

  • That girl should’ve known not to date jocks

  • Nobody: The chat bubble at 7:44: okay, so I'm a hufflepuff, but sometimes I'm a Ravenclaw who is your favorite ninja turtle one time I put a Reese's in my mouth and let it sit there for 8 hours what sign are you I'm a scorpio obviously

  • Eww

  • I wonder if they’ll make a third one 🤔 the second movie wasnt as memorable as the first one but i’d still like to see how it all ends

  • Am I the only one who's like "Peter sucks, it's either John or JOSH. EVERYONE Forgot about josh-'

  • The problem with film is that it needs to get the whole book story under 2 hours, which is kinda impossible. I was kinda sad that the whole killing game was left out but I understand that the film would be at least 30 minuts longer so.. Also, where is Alice? :D But it wasn't that bad and to be honest, most of my bad impressions were from comparing it to the books. One thing I'm actually kinda dissapointed about is that there wasn't any backround story to the necklace Peter gave to Lara Jean, because that wouldn't add too much time and I feel it was pretty important

  • K

  • When the kissing booth is your favorite movie: ... (its my favorite lol)

  • Literally watched this with my mom, had an inner meltdown, and she was like “At least you get John Ambrose now." DAMN RIGHT! We ALL deserve him! L.J. doesn’t. And he deserves better! *coughs* aka his adoring fans! No, but seriously though. Why is Jordan Fisher always cast as the cute humble sweet guy who never gets the girl (or gets a bitchy one)? Dear Evan Hansen, Rent, Until Dawn (though I do love Emily cuz she’s a badass bitch), Liv and Maddie, etc… Like, seriously? What kinda f’ed up message is this sending audiences? Uhm…never choose the good guy? The ONLY exception I give is if you find out you're lesbian/gay. Sexual attraction ISN’T something within your control. That’s literally the only reason anyone in their right mind would give up a relationship with a great person, if they just weren’t feeling it. No relationship will work out if both parties can't reciprocate.

  • Also when Peter kept calling lara jean "covey" I was so confused until I figured out it was her last name but still its was kinda weird 😅

  • Ok Jordan fisher plays the same character in like everything I mean everything he's in his characters have the same personality

  • Alex you are the funniest reviewer 😅😅 Keep up the good job

  • Um.....OK

  • Why do all these teen romcoms glorify such toxic lifechoices, I mean jesus, I would have hoped that you would at least refrain from glorifying such toxicisity when your target audience is teens and tweens, it's just plain irresponsible and strait up immoral

  • Jens eyes keep glaring at me like robot eyes for some reason and i can only focus on them when they are on screen


  • stan the lamp with renew anne with an e on it

  • You are really funny.

  • You are really funny.

  • This is the channel we're I basically watch free movies even though I have Netflix but lol

  • Me after all of this Wait what if she was not happy with Peter and happy with John why when u finally kiss John she is just like NOpE imma stay with this dude that broke my heart a billion times with my ex best friend YEa ToTallY MAkes SEnSe

  • When Laura was on her date with Peter and she was like "I've never been a girlfriend before I hope I'm good at it" I found it cringy and thought she was trying to hard to be cute. Like PLEASE SHUT UP.

  • Renew ANNE WITH AN E !!!

  • If they followed the book a bit more, then Iit would have been a bit better. I didn’t like Laura’s personality during the book either but the relationship dynamics between Laura, Peter, John, and Gen was interesting.

  • I don't know why your so shocked when women choose the total wrong guy for them in these movies that you do a review about when that's what women do in real life. Yeah they say they just want someone to make them happy but they keep running to the ones that we all know will end up breaking your heart. It's like how many red flags do you need

  • The name John Ambrose Maclaren is clearly made for maximum sexiness points, as that is the sexiest name they could make

  • This movie might not have been the best, but it's still better than both Kissing Booth movies, Tall Girl, and Sierra Burgess combined. As is Lara Jean as a protagonist. I said what I said.

  • I would just like to say.... John, Chris, Trina, and the Dad are the only decent characters this movie. John deserves so much better. He was always talking about people choosing Peter over him and that's exactly what happened. She chose Peter over John. John even knew it too. When lara kissed him he even said "its Peter isn't it?". He just wants to be loved 😫😫🥺

  • So this is basically another version on kissing booth 2 the same thing happened when Elle and marco kissed

  • Low key this movie has the same plot as After 2


  • loved this movie, and even tho your kinda talkin trash about it it was so hilarious! subscribed

  • when theres somthing about harry potter. normal people: :) me: ^v^

  • Like seriously John Ambrose has literally NO drama or problems in this movie yet Peter is just the center of drama, problems, attention!!! I just really wished she picked John 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Is it bad I am just like him?

  • 7:42 Me with ADHD: I’m in this video and I don’t like it

  • Just how he says "95%" and then "half" its just nonsense but whatever

  • John is also in liv and mattie

  • john ambrose was white person in the first movie duhhh

  • Laura a hoa she is a hoa like every other fucking bomb chick .

  • You have a face and it’s good.

  • Everyone is saying stuff like "Oh Lara Jean acted so rude to John, he doesn't deserve her!" like everyone, chill, Lara Jean didn't love him and she didn't know how she felt about Peter, after they kissed she realized that she didn't love him. Don't say bad things about people just because they are listening to their heart

  • RENEW ANNE WITH AN E ! (sorry)

  • So uhhhh whats a girl to do?

  • ''all right how messed up are you?'' omggg

  • Y'know. I definitely don't have the full story because I haven't seen the movie, I've only seen this video. That said, from what's in this video, I'm kind of glad that she chose Peter in the end. Because despite all his flaws it seemed like he actually cared about her and wanted to try to be a better boyfriend, but was just stupid about it. I mean, being brutally honest, it sounds like John was the better choice in every way(definitely more attractive). Plus, again, I haven't actually seen the full movie. For some reason though, I can't help rooting for Laura and Peter to endure.

  • this actors work hard on this movies you can’t just call them dumb

  • I feel like the first one is WAY better and actually relatable but then the second one that just went downhill....

  • The same thing happened at the end of the kissing booth 2 except I actually liked LJ and PK. in kissing booth 2 Noah freakin lied about kissing the British chick am I not the only one that thought elle should've ended up with marco

  • don't forget that these are HIGHSCHOOLERS. they aren't exactly known for their maturity. If I was in a relationship with a hot guy who just broke up with a hot girl, I'd be worried that I wasn't good enough. If I was in a shaky relationship with a hot guy and I met another hot guy who liked me and then I went back to the first hot guy because he was my first love, then well shoot. I'm a teenager. I'm not saying their actions are right, I'm just saying they are realistic. Stupid decisions, but realistic ones.

  • Lara and Laura for the hundredth time and Lara didn't deserve John Ambrose like he is too good for her and maybe it's good that Lara J C and Peter K end up together and it's completely okay to realise after that kiss John that she doesn't love him

  • And like they completely ignore the main point of the book, they doesn't even mentioned

  • Godzilla had a stroke trying to read the title

  • Wow Lara is such an a-hole to her ex-bff, she was part of the original group who put together the time capsule. But she was gonna straight up ghost her, because she screwed her over lol.

  • Can we talk about how John completely changed race from the first movie?

  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!! JHON AMBROSE IS THE PERSON WHO PLAYS HOLDEN FROM LIV AND MADDIE!!!!!!!! i know no one else cares but shut up..

  • am i the only that found lara's boyfriend very very annoying in this movie

  • Truthfully she should have ended up with John in my opinion. they shared the same interests, he plays piano like a boss, he respects her, and would have been better than Peter. so when I saw her go for Peter i was like "GIRL! WTF?! YOUR LEAVING AN AMAZING BOY FOR SOME DOOFUS WHO PROBABLY WILL GET IN A DIVORCE WITH YOU IF YOU GET MARRIED!" And there were some angry middle schooler noises coming from me.

  • Did anyone else notice at 8:17 how he crossed Reggie and Zach before writing Trevor...🤣

  • Here to say that actually John Ambrose was Stormy's grandson

  • I mean... Peter even pretended that he wrote that poem

  • your animations made me laugh so hard in this one

  • 2:01

  • What is up with all the comments about Peter being worse than John Like Peter is actually a nice guy He respects Lara jean Doesn’t force her to do jack Makes an effort to understand her Gets to know the her family and respects them And not once does he try to change her for anything Peter is a great guy and if you have a Peter girl keep him When I get my first boyfriend he better be a Peter kavinsky periodttt‼️ Most of their problems where in Lara’s head and I understand that because she’s insecure Peter and John are great guys But in all honesty the movies have shown a stronger dynamic with Peter and Lara than John and Lara Periodtt‼️

  • I think lara took a right decision to go back with Peter. K ❤️

  • Can you do Greenhouse academy it is on Netflix

  • 3:26 read the letter and not laugh

  • Ok I’m sorry but Peter sounds congested throughout the whole date.

  • I was so sad that they went with the love triangle. I've seen this and it's so annoying seeing this cliche love triangle, oh no! John likes me, BUT MY BF IS PETER AHHHH EEKKK UWUWUWUW. Like, that's so boring.

  • you can tell he's seen the coca cola/mentos thing too many times

  • poor john he probably would have been better for her cause the whole time they were together the only drama or problem they had was peter

  • inconclusion... the ending was HORRIBLE

  • also john full up changed races

  • unpopular opinion: both movies are amazin

  • Why they take the one, only movie like this I enjoy... And make a garbage sequel. WHY?! also as for the lesson of the story I kinda get it... A relationship isnt supposed to be easy, if everythings easy and you never fight its probably because you dont actually care about each other. A good relatioship just means the good outweighs the bad, it dosnt mean you never fight, and I feel like that was meant to be the lesson. Like promising to never break each others heart dosent work, but knowing that you sometimes will but as long as you work on it and the good outweighs the flaws then loving someone is still good. But I mean the movie portrayed that kinda shit for the sake of drama.

  • Ngl, when I read the books I thought the sequels were so unecessary. The beginning of the second book (when they do get together) could just have been put at the end of the first one and left it at that. The rest felt really forced.

  • I was just re-watching the first movie and I realize that John Ambrose was white in the first movie but black in the second movie did they think we weren’t going to notice

  • why does he always say every show is stupid or dumb these shows/movies are acaully fun and good?

  • That renew Anne with an e lantern sent me.

  • Do never have I ever netflix series

  • i know right it just like the whole time she emotional cheats on whats his face and as soon as alks to his ex shes like bye b***

  • omg I hate this movie so much. The second book is the best 10/10, but the film... they REALLY messed it up.

  • the way lara jean talks to peter is so awkward and cringey- like, in the first movie, she actually had a personality but in this one, its like "i've never been a gf, i hope im good at it teehee" like girl stop playing innocent when you been playing with both john ambrose and peter's emotions like its a soccer game i think i understand why Gen stopped talking to her now...