The Hunger Games is kinda dumb

Publicado em 22 Dez 2020
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  • Hey I really hope you all enjoyed the video. Doing 2 movies 2 weeks in a row is a lot of work haha. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

  • That is mahogany! Like if you remember

  • everyone in the comments correcting alex, i get it- i'm weirdly attached and intimately familiar with the what and why but 1. this is a comedy channel 2. without the context of the books, there's a few things that definitely don't track just relish in being a nerd and knowing the context of why alex is wrong ;)

  • I mean after reading the books I sort of agree they’re all not that good :/

  • As a hunger games nerd I am deeply offended by this lol

  • I love the the super Mario background music.

  • I mean it doesn’t even matter that primrose didn’t get picked.She still fucking dies🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Hi I love your channel! good content always takes time

  • I laughed harder at 4:58 than I'm proud to admit

  • The living punch geographically program because euphonium resultspreviously approve within a shy cornet. comfortable, snotty woman

  • besides casting and a few missing characters these movies were pretty accurate to the book and were not that bad

  • Nooo ... i still love these series though so much :((((

  • Was about to dislike but I realized that this can be a reaction from someone who has no knowledge of what was written in the book. Sooo, fair judgement. 😅

  • Also are we not gonna say anything about bad El Kazar he doesn’t have it unlocked

  • The funny snippets like Peter from family guy kill me 😂😂

  • Am I the only one that finds the pacing in these movies extremely slow?

  • effing trinket more like f ing trinket

  • I hate u for this video, how dare u hate hunger games!😂😭

  • Why did I think that you were married? I keep hearing you say “girlfriend” but I thought once upon a time you were saying “wife”?

  • The story itsenf is great. What they made out of it might not.

  • Please read the books

  • allex miyer + dedede = helll

  • Charlie saved the hunger games movies

  • 7:43 Is this from Thundercats?

  • What’s reaping day said too fast-

  • Reads the title: Me: And I still have to do an essay on it.

  • Bro hunger games wasn't dum it was awesome

  • i see where the tiktok sound comes from.

  • Fun fact: there are books! and the movies were actually based on the books... (they're much better than the movies) so read them!!!

  • How dare Alex hate on hunger games

  • Don't listen to him the hunger games is so good!

  • Alex : this women’s name is effing trinket Me : hehe effing hehe


  • Alex Meyers: all movies dumb, dumber, dumbest Me: but actually the one who handles this channel is the dumbest of them all

  • He’s just picking on everything nowadays now

  • Now it’s time to see who will get picked! *Nissan Rogue ad* And Nissan Rogue is our newest tribute!

  • I feel like y’all need to reed the books before y’all watch these series and stuff like dat but do you

  • You should do the walking dead

  • How dare you call this series dumb

  • and at that moment Alex Meyers sold out

  • do a 2nd hunger games

  • U should do ready player one

  • I love how everybody disagrees with the title

  • alec lightwood come get your cousin

  • No I haven’t binge watched all of your videos

  • This would be so scary

  • You skipped over so many important plot points, the Hunger Games is so much better than you make it seem, you basically skimmed through it and picked random points in the movie to talk about- Im not trying to be rude I just really love The Hunger Games series and im kinda oFfEnDeD T^T

  • “The hunger games is kinda dumb” False, but continue..

    • Haha, I think that so often when I see and then click on videos he has posted. 😂 Most of the shows or movies he is mocking I just love to watch over and over again but these videos are still so entertaining, haha. 😜

  • I thinking about watching this today 😂

  • Malarkey comes from the Starving Games right?

  • It’s to late to fully watch this video atm but from the title I’m just gonna say.. I’m a bit mad as a crazy hunger games fan. However if he’s talking about the movies I don’t blame him... ngl I kinda hated the movies

  • I've always hated the book series as a child because of how horribly written it was and I am living for this

  • Your opinion is wrong

  • One thing I don't get: why don't they just eat Peeta?!

  • The Hunger Games are called the Hunger Games because if you win, you won't go hungry anymore. Imagine if the US made the children of its poorest citizens have fisticuffs with each other for a single $2000 stimulus check while the rich watched on TV. That's basically the Hunger Games universe.

  • i thought it was only me who thinked that

  • A lotta people write off Hunger Games as a ripoff of Battle Royale but the Battle Royale kids fought each other because the older generation wanted to teach them respect by forcing them to murder their peers for being such "disrespectful delinquents." The Hunger Games is an allegory not just for the American class struggle caused by deep inequality("may the odds be in your favor" is literally a send-up to the American Dream) but for how Rome pacified its population: "Panem et circuses" or bread and circuses. The Districts get bread for putting in their names for reaping and even more bread if they win while the Capitol gets its annual circus

  • Katniss shooting the apple is the modern version of Spartacus throwing his weapon at the Roman spectators. *Are you not entertained?*

  • Never watched them back then and glad I never did. This was all I needed.

  • The hunger games are great, but you’re funny so proceed :)

  • Don’t say a word about Hunger Games🥺

  • “The cast of Ed, Edd, and Eddy!” 🤣

  • Raid has probably sponsored over 100,000 BRdownrs lmao

  • My teacher told me to watch the hunger games :p

  • Hungr gams is my fav movi evr

  • take ur time alex!

  • Its pretty funny to think that the entire world do not care about the America, and just leave them to kill each other.

  • I can't get "Raping day" Out of my head now. Thanks Alex

  • this was a phenomenon

  • if i was in the Hunger Games what I would do is eat a bunch of food for when I'm starving myself in the arena I can get my energy from that fat and I'm treating myself with a knife and a bow

  • 0:17 replace 2012 with 2020

  • You change your schedule to how you seem is better for you! We're here for your great content so take your time and we'll be waiting patiently!

  • I always thought that it'd be hilarious if when Katniss volunteered they let Peta go and took both her and Prim

  • Have you read the book? It’ll make more sense then,just read the novels before the movies,This is the best out of the four movies,and the book feels the realist tbh.

  • What popular BRdownrs haven't been sponsored by raid shadow legends

  • BRUH this moviewjdbkjbjbk *breathes with anger* is my fav and i will never forgive you 😖

  • Would you say hunger games is a battle royale

  • Honestly the reason the movies suck so much (especially the second one) is because they spent less time on the whole "oppressive government sending children to die" thing and more time on the "will she and Peeta end up together or not???" angle. Which is quite ironic seeing as in the book the whole point of the elite Capitol society being suckered into rooting for Katniss and Peeta is to show that they would rather focus on a love story than their oppressive tyrannical president.

  • I wish this worked for me but the comedy didn't land well with this one. The subject matter and the display of how it followed and traumatized everyone long after it was technically over is too serious and true to life.

  • lol i like it but fr tho do u even like one movie? lol

  • The book is like perfect the movie is good, But I kinda agree

  • So much stuff was left out, wtfff. Like I know the video can’t cover 2 hours worth of movie but you completely skimmed over KEY PLOT POINTS, like how Haymitch told them to fake their relationship for sponsors, and the Hunger Games said they will have two winners of the same district but they lied at the end and said there can only be one! Which is why Katniss said “fuck this, it’s either both of us or neither.” Like you can’t just SKIP PAST THOSE TWO MAJOR THINGS THAT MAKE UP A LOT OF THE STORY. I’ve only seen Hunger Games once or Twice but I’ve read the series countless times (I was a fast reader for a 13 year old kid with ADHD and read the series in 2 days every time. Thanks hyperfocus.) So maybe I’m getting the book mixed up with the movie. Maybe they didn’t explain that Haymitch told them to fake their relationship, idk, but I know they explained the berry situation so there’s no excuse for that!

  • You should do euphoria

  • My personal opinion about this movie is I mean it's watchable but the way it was layed out just didn't make sense like you can watch it but I don't recommend to watch it but like still not as bad as camp koral and please watch that it's so dumb it's called camp koral

  • Katnise be like: "Imma shot these noobs except peeta malarky" plus no one can kill meh coz I have protagonist power! "

  • Who...never.......saw it.

  • The movie is still good as it still follow most part in the books. But, yeah you need to read the books to understand more about it.

  • fiction? A R E Y O U S U R E A B O UT T H A T

  • Why are you commenting mean comments about it

  • Eh yeah the books are better

  • *KatPiss NeverClean*

  • Do you know why I stopped reading that book? BECAUSE KATNISS HAD LITERALLY NO REASON TO BE MAD AT PEETA- or i missed something.

  • I have nevet seen hunger games but i was surprised to see bjorn

  • Who else said reaping day fast.

  • Whose ready for the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes movie?

  • I don’t agree with the hunger games being “dumb” because the actors work very hard and I think this type of disrespect isn’t very nice :>

  • Best part is that it’s sponsored by radi

  • Stop i love the thg

  • Do django unchanged please 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔☺ 😔 🙏 😢

  • I was just hit with a massive wave of nostalgia watching this.