how is Riverdale such a mess...

Publicado em 12 Mar 2019
Riverdale animation
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watch parts 1 2 3 and 4 here:
Riverdale season 3 is a mess...
Riverdale season 3 is a mess (part 2)
Riverdale season 3 is a mess (part 3)
Riverdale season 3 is a mess (part 4)
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why did everyone like Gilmore Girls so much
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...
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  • So like is Puck this guy in Riverdale, I'm confused now!

  • 1:30 killed me like the keep watching it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Luke Perry was in a show called Jeremiah check it out

  • No one: Veronica’s parents: *me ha* But fr, can someone teach them to say mija?

  • Someone once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” This quote can definitely be applied to the nonsensical plot of Riverdale and the people who keep tuning in expecting it to suddenly make sense. Me I just watch knowing it’s not going to make sense but hoping to see how crazy things are going to get.

  • I have been binging these Alex episodes, and I feel the same way about Riverdale and this playlist as Alex does in the intro

  • i wanna know what goes through the writers’ minds when they write Cheryl’s lines

  • abs battle: Archie vs Jacob Black who can keep a shirt on the longest

  • Are we even supposed to still sympathize with Cheryl at this point? For me she crossed the line into being pretty irredeemable when she had her new gang assault Fangs and Sweet Pea for no reason

  • I have a Netflix account but instead of just watching riverdale I just watch his videos like it’s the actual show

  • I live for Alex's laughs lol

  • What is it with the girls in these videos and arson? Isn’t this the second time one of them torched their own house?

  • 0:00-0:06 School

  • Not as big as the dump you take on my heart. I cannot breathe

  • What? This show is such a mess, it’s literally laughable. Clearly I made the right decision to get out after S3.

  • Bruh why is this comment section full of women tf???

  • oh tee tee who tf calls this gf that like wtf

  • i kinda like the fluffy choni shit

  • Hey can u do commentaries on the Harry Potter series?

  • Riverdale is my guilty pleasure

  • Who got hook on Riverdale because if these video 🤭

  • The older man is obviously there to appeal to the teens with daddy issues duh.

  • I stopped watching after season was just getting to heist is better 😂

  • Wait wasn’t Archie a fighter when he was like in prison I’m so confused

  • Does it bother anyone else that the popcorn he eats when he watches the clips is slightly green

  • His sarcasm is just straight up hilarious...

  • i love how they all end up dating the person they date in real life

  • I binge watched season 1 in a day and found out who killed Jason. Based on what everyone’s sayin I guess I won’t watch the next 3 seasons lol

  • Kevin? A good character? Haha

  • I'm here cuz I Luv Riverdale, but at the end when he promoted the Riverdale merch, it made me wonder if he actually kinda liked it. Ya know since he has lots of RVD merch and all? IDK, just thinkin' out loud

  • 7:45 me: Kurtz is so my type Alex: you look like you stink Oh...

  • Oh and also how long is Jugheads bloody novel?

  • I honestly don't even know why I am watching anything Riverdale at all but in one of the episodes Jughead said''Do they know how to have a normal conversation'' and I just thought that was a very good idea for Veronica and Archie to have a normal conversation you know sometime...

  • I watch riverdale and enjoy it then I watch Alex's video and dont understand riverdale again ;-;

  • Ahaha, the new season makes this look like an actual MASTERPIECE

  • Lili Reinhart, Madchen Amick, Camila Mendes, Vanessa Morgan, and Madelaine Petsch, are actually good actress, and I feel so bad because 'Riverdale' is killing their careers

  • bruh riverdale literally just steals ideas from other shows and movies now they just stole the cult from the movie martyrs


  • Alex Meyers MADE me watch Riverdale

  • I always get whiplash whenever he says the characters' names. _Why are they Archie characters?_

  • But we all need to agree that Jellybean is beautiful

  • Papa poutine...and his son...small fries. My lord. The writers have to be drunk or on crack?? To be this hungry..

  • @4:00 Dude... Riverdale totally ripped of the plot of the movie Martyrs. That’s fucked up. That’s such a good movie. Screw Riverdale. Peace Out! ✌️

  • why is jughead screaming all the time now

  • My 14 year old self and my 49 year old mom watch this show 😂 While I'm watching for Archie and Jughead (and FP but we don't need to talk about it), my mom is watching for EVERY DAD ON THE ENTIRE SHOW

  • Wait, farm? Is Dr. Phil in Riverdale or something???

  • I thought the merch part wuz a joke

  • Jughead CAN be intimidating if you play the card right. Instead of screaming and parading around trying to look tough he instead can choose to intimidate using his brain. Maybe portray him as a master manipulator, or portray him as the guy who uses devide et impera strategy to ruin the status quo and make him the leader. Or maybe just make him the shadow-y kind of leader where he works behind the curtain and communicate through persona. Plenty of creative ways to turn nerdy character menacing and intimidating.

  • Betty has one more card up her sleeve: pulling a god ol' cheryl blossom

  • remember when ms grundy.

  • I died at 8:37 😆

  • I don’t think Riverdale even knows what a baptism is. You change into some other clothes cause you’re gonna get wet. Then the person baptizing you asks if you want to live your life to god. You say yes and they dip you under the water and pull you right back out.

  • Didn't Luke Perry sleep with Meg to prove he,wasn't gay?

  • 1:04 im watching this scene in this moment 😂😂

  • when are you covering “ good girls” ??? you know you wannnnna 😂

  • Is... Was that the hobgoblin from Sabrina!? But how... Ehh!?

  • The “could you imagine dating someone like this?” Part actually convinced me that having a girlfriend isn’t always the best ;-;

  • What I never understand in these shows Why not say you're throwing it and then try your best Win-win

  • Excuse me. It's a lot more than that. Compared to the chilling adventures of Sabrina and the Archie comics, Riverdale itself is and always will be twice the darkest version of the Archie comics the Archie comics themselves will ever be. This is my point of view about this whole show. I hope you understand.

  • Thanks bro i stopped watching season 2 cause its so bad

  • You should react to girl meets world pls like this I’m a really big fan of you. All of your videos are better than the actual show

  • 6:30 smash bros

  • How did FP come back?

  • 8:54 * Writers sweat nervously in season 4 *

  • When I went to school, we didn’t solve mysteries like who killed the kid who bullied me because he was a rich football player, or Jingle jangle or call weird men “the shady man” or constantly pop culture reference a better show/whatever or wear our hair in the exact hairstyle every single day! We actually did schoolwork and homework, not ditch and go solving mysteries like the COPS, who we pay, do! I’m surprised the Riverdale teens aren’t in detention 24/7 or suspended or expelled for lack of dedication to school. Be REALISTIC NOT NONSENSICAL!!!!!!!!

  • in the scene where Bettys mom saw the fire made me laugh because she walks in the house without noticing a giant fire. do they want us to believe she somehow didn't notice the fire from outside the house OR when she walked in and didn't feel the heat from the raging fire in her living she was standing a few feet away from... okay riverdale *edit: the way I wrote this is pretty confusing but I was trying to say it hard to believe Betty mom didn't see the fire when she walked in, I mean come on... I know she's wrapped in crazy cult shit but that fact that she did not noticing her house was burning down was funny in my opinion

  • wait- I was thinking the same thing that was on the napkin.....

  • “What it would look like if Aladdin wished his armpit became a person.”

  • Wut the fuck

  • I only watch this show is because my crush loves this show This is how I create conversation

  • At 7:16 its Ghoulies, not gargoyles...

  • 8:54 this would actually be a step in the right direction, if everything after season 1 was just Jughead writing a book. That would be a great soft reboot

  • R

  • Me: gets bullied by my sibling *IDC* Alex: posts another Riverdale video Me: stop bullying yourself by watching Riverdale *cares so much*

  • Who comes up with these names? Fizzle rocks, Jelly Bean, Jingle Jangle? I can't take anything serious with names like these

  • Riverdale isn't a mess its bootiful

  • no one in the whole entire universe kevin: *CUTE GAY FARMIES*

  • Archie strips almost as much as Grey (almost)

  • Why you people be hating on my show

  • 2:09 that scene is for ME and for me alone

  • What the heck happened to Riverdale? I just miss two seasons😂and I don’t know if I should regret it or not.

  • My mother watches/watched riverdale, and she thinks/thought that it was a perfect show no matter how much I told her how non-perfect it is.

  • Hermoine ?!? ( 1 time watching riverdale )

  • 2:01 alex has clearly never had an interaction with the supernatural fandom.

  • 2:01 alex has clearly never had an interaction with the supernatural fandom.

  • he really gonna do my boy kurtz dirty like that

  • The story would make so much more sense if they were in college and in their early 20s

  • I genuinely think that Cole Sprouse is wasting his acting talent by being on this stupid show

  • 7:29 Me: wow I don’t remember this scene in Zack and Cody

  • shows that only need to be one season and I dragged on for multiple end up being confusing

  • NOt As BiG aS ThE DuMp yOu tAkE oN mY heArt WhEn I HaVe To bE AwAy FrOm You!!!!!!!!!

  • 6:02 oh shit is that Dre Drexler

  • No one : The Farm almost drowning people: what's dead may never die

  • I think it's actually Pop who is writing the book

  • Who else just watched season 1 and then watched the rest of the seasons through Alex's videos? Probably just me.😂

  • “We’re aaaaaaaaallllll serpents now!” - Jughead

  • what kind of baptism includes drowning? hello, have you ever heard of the drowned god?

  • I’ve gotten more invested in this series in 1 hour then i have gotten invested in the actual show since it started...

  • Ok so, your opinion on Riverdale is funny and all. But if you say ONE insult to Cheryl an Toni, you should be ready to suffer the consequences.

  • i feel like riverdale is just made for the actors to do whatever they want and they know that people will just watch it