the biggest problem with The Social Dilemma

Publicado em 6 Out 2020
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  • (Without taking in count publicity, althought it exist outside of social media) Some people seem to forget that social media is also art, scientists, specialists, your friends, comunities, basically you can cultive your interests. People can choose what to follow and should have the ability to know what is more informative. For example on IG you could follow a super model, someone like you or a body positive account. In other hand, radicalism has always existed, social media at least gives the chance to minorities so they can express their true experiences without someone intervining. For example I come from a catolic school, cellphones weren't allowed and guess what life wasn't wonderful and lovely. In fact it was forbidden to be gay (written on the rules and no one saw an issue with that) and they had way too much control on our personal image.

  • Sorry, but i am really on the fence. Each arguments are very reasonable.

  • 5:04 is that supposed to be a face

  • My teacher made us watch this documentary during our computer class and I’m not really a social app person and boy was I a little glad 🙁😂

  • Lol this world world suck just as much with or without social media! Also platforms like BRdown are mainly a form of creative outlet and education.

  • I really enjoyed your comments at the end, and it's true. They are making the people feel guilty but i guess this movie was made too to create panic and money so yeaah, we shouldn't take that video so serious haha

  • "Peppa pig is ruining children or whatever" ~Alex meyers- If I got that quote wrong- correct me please.

  • "technology is a thing that exists. I guess-" -Alex Meyers 2020

  • I know i'm kinda late to the party, but deleting or abstaining from social media or internet wasn't really the message of the documentary. The documentary focuses on persuasive design and technology that is used in social media. The persuasive design or method technology whatever changes peoples behavior slowly overtime and that in itself is very dangerous. Not only does this technology shape people in the long run but it also shapes and dictate the view of society (via information dissimination) and these platforms need to be regulated because of that. Atleast that's how I understood the documentary hahahahaha

  • I usually love your videos but this was poorly researched on your behalf ..

  • think the point was there's a good way to use social medias but the latter is will it be profitable or is it mostly used to cynical reason

  • Honestly, praise the internet. Sure, we have all these stories of how it was way better before, but I think things were STILL bad for a lot of people, but we don’t hear about that as much because...well we didn’t have internet. I still think it can bring us down in many ways, but it can also build us up a lot. Since then, humanity has been able to connect faster, and in some better, easier ways. To communicate with someone on the other side of the planet, which is good for you and them since it expands your knowledge of the different places and cultures of the world, you can call or even text if that’s good enough. As he said in the video, too, about people who have disabilities, like being mute, can communicate just like other people would on Instagram, Twitter, or in the comment section of BRdown videos (Lol). It may seem like the universe is screaming, “THE INTERNET IS THE WORST IT MAKES EVERYONE THE WORST”, but if you put yourself in someone else’s shoes-someone who has a disadvantage in this world, then the internet can be the greatest thing to you that can help you make a better life in general. I think there are a lot of more great things to be said about it, and bad things too, but it has greatly changed this world, more for better, I think, than for worse. Lol if you actually read this comment thank you pls like so ppl can see it

  • Shut up, Propagandist. you better delete this video, robot.

    • Lol is this like a person being serious or being a jerk?

  • I feel like yes. It's divided people. The internet doesn't have anything to do with Social Media. Social Media itself needs to change in order to actually bring people together. I don't have the answers to that but I feel like this is just a fear campaign that doesn't address any of the actual problems of social media. Mainly polarization and microcosms of highly polarized individuals with very polarizing ideologies. There's no more constructive conversation and we're becoming more tribal because of it. At least hard core Twitter and Facebook users. It's like people are locking themselves into "safe places" that don't challenge their ideas. We as people thrive on obstacles and challenges. If your ideas aren't challenged then are they valid? And if they're never allowed to be tested and challenged they're just going to grow further and further away from reality. And now people are taking it to the streets. I'm not taking sides for this conversation because both sides are to blame if you wanna limit it to politics. But it's like that with EVERYTHING on social media. It's just become labeling. "If you're not in X camp then you're Y person and we don't talk to Y people so move along." It's a terrible structure for society. You can have individual ideas tested by interaction with others, you can have disagreement without violence and arguing. Can we all just agree to disagree and go back to having real conversations without acting like children so we can solve society's problems? We gotta work together and compromise even when we don't agree. It feels like nobody knows how to do that anymore.

    • I mean while some of what you’re saying is true, I think you’re only looking at one side of things. To you, it may seem that way, but for others the internet can be a great place that lets you connect with other people when you’re in a dark place, or “say” things like everyone else does when you’re mute on Twitter, Instagram, or even in BRdown comments. You can meet your greatest friends on social media through a random post. You don’t have to travel to the other side of the Earth to talk to someone that lives there. Honestly, it’s about picking and choosing what YOU look at on the internet, and if you choose right it can be great.

  • This documentary is just useless neoliberal boomer “I’m so moderate” bunk. I hate it with a burning passion with what it does to issues and twist it as being an issue of the internet that can be solved with the power of “regulation.” Screw these stupid Silicon Valley savior wannabes.

    • Way more agressive than what I would’ve said but completely agreed

    • Ik they kind of exaggerate the stuff they talk about

  • All the kids of people who met online be like. "we clones have mixed feelings about the war, without it, we wouldn't exist"

  • cut the vid too short bro, i enjoyed this a lot would've loved to hear ur opinion on more of it but allgood. thanks for the content hope ur doin well : ]

  • When I saw this, I liked the actual interviews and stuff with real people, but I absolutely despised the "real" family segments. They were so hokey and stupid and brought the film down by a lot

  • O.o so wtf? People really think that what they said is not true? Like wake up! Look around and see how many people are staring at their phones like zombies... do u think thats human? O.O have u looked at most of the comments on the internet? Most are disgusting... have u looked how people waste a hella amount of time for 1 pic for insta? My mom looked at me in a disgusting way for not liking her pic... have u noticed the excessive amount of ads in every social media platform? The ads are increasing and increasing

    • Social media is destroying humanity. We have become subjects to an experiment that goes way beyond our understanding. Whoever made the video felt attack, thus presenting not objective responses. I am relived I found someone who is concerned, in the same way I am. WAKE UP YOU INTERNET ZOMBIES! THE WORLD OUTSIDE IS MUCH MORE THAN A SCREEN!

  • My fam watched this and forced me to watch it as well, i thought that it was okay for the same reasons alex mentioned. But at the end they said: you should delete your instagram... i was like: you should too?? Some people dont see how hypocritical they’re being and how much their opinions lack knowledge and education. I dont get it. Most of us are very safe on our phones, I always block people who seem sus, i have stuff to protect my emails and passwords..., there’s a very low risk of something happening to me on the internet, but if im out with a friend we could easily be grabbed by someone and put into a van. 🤷‍♀️

  • Without the internet I would’ve thought I was diseased for not fitting into the cishetnormative society.

  • Technology does a whole LOT of good, especially social media. I've been able to connect with like-minded communities, but I've also been able to LEARN a whole lot of interesting things about subjects I love through Google searching and BRdown and all that. There's one word to describe the film: biased. Is it helpful to be aware of the stuff it brings up? Yes. But take it with a slight grain of salt.

  • social dilema is very right and posetive side movie ,dont ruine its reputation , do your job ,roast nonsense teen movies ,but this movie is very good and with very godd sensitive awareness

  • This film messed with my head like seriously this is messed up I am barely on Reddit and Facebook these days because it can be addicting and I have been addicted to it. They are right though social media is very manipulative and the fact there is more to these companies than we thought is pretty nightmarish basically the fact they control everything we do including our personality is terrifying in itself. The film is amazing and very thought provoking there is so much truth to what they are saying.

  • This might be my impression, but the documentary isn't against social media it's about algorithms designed to create addiction

  • Could u review "the great hack" next please?

  • Bro you should do a ted talk about this

  • I think they're trying to warn about what bad things there are, not make everyone quit apps. Im pretty sure they are realists and know that wont happen and Im sure that they are more than aware of the positives and that is exactly the reason they speak about the negatives. Bc ppl only see the positives but we dont know how much it will negatively influence the next couple of generations, how much it will actually influence ppl and the relationships. There is no need to talk about the good bc its not a big secret everyone is blind to, however the fact that those apps are causing ppl to get addicted was planned this way by the creators of those apps and was not at all obvious to the ppl who consumed it. But yeah, youre right, they should adres on who and why wrote the algorithms, was it thought to be the way it is.

  • Everything said on the documentary is true and I’m not surprised BRdownrs are trying to defend social media since you all profit from it. The more we come to your channel, the more money you make.

  • I think you are missing a huge point in this documentary. We are the ones who need to teach our children how to live a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with social media. We aren’t supposed to live in fear of the services. They present the facts and the dangers that lie within, but how can we monitor and limit our usage to live our lives normally? That’s the challenge.

  • Any tool can be used as a weapon for destruction and negativity (including the internet) but those tools can also be used for positive purposes.

  • Its not saying there isn't good things about it its saying the harm outweighs the good. And of course you're poo pooing it, you have 2 million subscribers, your livelihood and whole life purpose relies on people being addicted to things like BRdown. Youre a slave yourself, you can't survive without the constant external validation of strangers you're completely threatened by it. Neuroscienctists are saying all screentime is harmful for children especially but adults too and im sorry pal but pretty sure they know a little more about that stuff than you do.

  • I wanna know what would happen if one day all the social media apps would crush and stop working. Only thing we are left with is Safari.

  • The analogy to a parent scapegoating something to avoid their own bad parenting was a bullseye

  • The doc is NOT; - Against the internet - Against technology - Against social media per se - Less relevant because the "whistleblowers" made lots of money If you think that the message of the doc is "to get off the internet", like this Alex Meyers guy thinks, then you have completely missed the point.

    • The doc does attribute far too much to the technology and not enough to problems with the profit motive. The main guy actually incredulously said something like “I was the only one asking how we could make [gmail] less addictive”. Good hearted but idiotic

  • I understand where your point of view comes from as the film some times focused more on mmaking it more appealing than realistic, but that's not really the main objective of it. The documentary is an attempt to make awareness of the amount of power and knowledge social media has on us and on how it has made us dependent and easily manipulated by it. The reason of why they talk so much about algorithms is because they have become complex enough to be out of reach of their understanding. When they say that only a few people can understand this programs, they aren't exaggerating, the logic behind this programs is literally driven by billions of interactions each day. If you have some understanding about machine learning, then you will know that this is huge when it comes to building a good A.I. Normally, having this good of an A. I. would be marvelous as the things its trying to solve or do would become extremely easy for it; however, in our case this end up being worse for us as "the thing the A. I. is trying to solve" is that of getting our attention. So, its not that the internet or social media is bas just for the sake of it. NOT AT ALL! The problem with though is that it's capable of suggesting us toward whatever it wants us to, and this is what the documentary tries to convey us. This guys know this things, and are genuinely scared of what can happend int he future because not even them that created fully understand them. I really hope that we can be more aware of the impact that social medias may have in our lives as, gone wrong, it can divides us more than we already are, and as it can also outshined all the good things the Internet and social media has achieved.

  • If it weren’t for the internet, I would’ve probably killed myself by now. There are so many people who have helped me feel better about myself. Of course there’s all the people who have insulted me and tried to put me down, but they just don’t phase me at this point. They don’t have decent insults anyways. I’ve said all the things other people have said to me, though I haven’t called myself a sheep. But that’s not creative enough to make me feel insulted. My Twitter bio says “If you can’t come up with a creative insult, don’t insult me” for a reason.

  • God, knowledge, technology is not good or bad. It's the people using it.

  • you really skipped over the last act of the documentary

  • I respect Meyers' opinion but I strongly disagree with many of his counterpoints: 1. Meyers stated that this technological revolution is just like the revolution of the radio, or television, and that there will always be Luddites that push back against these technologies. This point is actually refuted in the documentary. The interviewees explain how, unlike the car or radio, which have seen linear improvements over the last 100-200 years, the computing power of our processors is increasing exponentially. It is explained that cars today are about twice as fast as they were in the 1960s, but computer processors are thousands, if not millions of times more powerful as they were in the 1980s (and although Moore's law is slowing down, quantum computing will likely continue this exponential growth). Processors in 2020 are several times more powerful than even processors from 2010. Digital electronic processors are just on a different technological level from the television or the radio. Also, the documentary explains how with TV, the reason all the Luddites began to shut up was because there was regulation about what our children could see. Only recently has the government began to take social media / Big Tech regulation seriously, and most senators are still clueless about the real problems data collection brings and what can be done about them. So this point about the digital revolution of the 1980s / internet boom of the 1990s being like any other technological boom is just not backed up by any substantial evidence or data. 2. Meyers stated that the documentary doesn't show how depressed people would be without social media... but it did. In fact, a psychology professor explained how since 2009 (just a ballpark year, it could be 2010 or 2008, the first major year of social media usage), there has been a drastic increase in the suicide and depression rates of teenage girls (by up to 150%). The professor also stated that today's generation is far less likely to take risks or to go out on a date. Meyers' counterpoint is flat-out wrong. It is not human nature to be awful to one another and make everyone feel depressed. 3. Meyers stated that the interviewees want everyone to get off the internet. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but when did they say that? They said you should limit the age until your child gets a smartphone or social media account, both of which are pretty unnecessary in today's world. They stated that Congress should tax internet companies' collection of user data (to quote the documentary, businesses in which the user "becomes the product") I agree that the internet is no longer optional, but you don't need a Facebook or Instagram account to survive. 4. Meyers stated that the interviewees never talked about the benefits of social media. I'm pretty sure that Tristan did. At the beginning of the documentary. 5. I don't get his point about the hypocrisy of the interviewees. This whole documentary is a public service announcement (albeit a great one that I found incredibly interesting), so you, the viewer, can either choose to accept their advice or ignore it. Why are you interested in shaming these people? 6. Meyers keeps on downplaying the effects of social media and how much it has driven political polarization / radicalization. He refers to the documentary's warnings as "chicken little 'sky is falling' ramblings of former CEOs and vice presidents." The documentary illustrated how these products were designed to keep the user engaged, which is often a result of hate speech and radicalization. Overall, Meyers brought up little to no facts or statistical evidence in any of his counterpoints. In my book, the score is Social Dilemma 1, Meyers 0. Please disagree with me. I love civil discourse. Please point out any factual inaccuracies, I haven't watched the documentary in about a month.

  • I hate how these people are talking about the ‘system’ like they didn’t create it.

  • I don't think the film has issues with people who find help on the internet. Its about the advertising model that generates their income. If they change that model that it would change a lot for the better.

  • I do wonder if the documentary was filmed for some other reason. Alex was right when he said that we get pretty much all our news from the internet. It almost seems like the tech dudes wanted to try to keep people off the internet (maybe it had something to do with politics) rather than "protect" people from internet addiction. These people became loaded from social media so I always thought it was weird so many of them were ready to turn their backs on it. Or maybe not. Maybe I should just go get my foil hat now.

  • I think what the documantary was trying to say wasn't that we shouldn't use internet at all but these social media sites should be regulated. These companies should be regulated

  • You entirely ignored the noteworthy points of the documentary, as well as doing exactly what they said social media does: selling a product.

  • My mom is already strict and doesn’t let me do anything. I’m a good, smart kid I mean I’m literally getting to skip a whole grade this year. She said she’s gonna watch this and now she’ll never ever let me do anything cause of it 😭😂😂😂

  • the social dilemma is as manipulative as the thing it is condemning. the first 5 minutes are just a bad youtuber apology video. they act like the internet is supposed to be free, nothing is free, you pay for free websites with your time, so the websites try to entice you and get you to come back, like a restaurant competing to make the best food, some of these “experts” try to say paying like that is a bad thing, no its not, for most, the internet is an escape, where instead of needing cash, you can use a resource that most have, time, people say how kids “cant look up from their phones” but that are just from a lack of self control, and a lack of proper education, seriously, who(who grew up when internet was around) got a true education about what the internet is, how it works, and what you can do with it, i certainly didn’t, the most a majority of people get is about cyber bullying, schools(in America at least) dont teach you how to use the internet, they prefer to tell you its bad, and documentaries like the social dilemma just forward that incorrect idea, the internet isn’t going away, no matter how much propaganda is set against it, overall the social dilemma is a bs fear mongering trash pile

  • Don’t mind me as I “borrow” some of your points for a paper I have to write on this documentary

  • In this day and age, forbidding your kids from social media and the internet is just a temporary solution. When they become adults, they will have no experience, skills, or smarts when it comes to these things and it may even end up putting them in danger. Teach your kids moderation, caution, and safety skills with regards to technology. These parents are embodying the concept of overkill.

  • I'm not sure that you actually understood the core point. The core AI softeare at the heart of the social media companies will not inherently correct the problem and as the companies must legally move towards growth & earnings. Thus we need some change or the negative social, team based politics, and counterfactual direction will continue to cause extreme problems for our world.

  • Ok here's the thing, social media is helpful and harmful, you can't get one without the other. I think what's happening now (and what this doc is focusing on) the harmful is outweighing the helpful. as for kids, I believe it depends on the parent. A kid that was raised with good values and supporting parents isn't going to have as much trouble online as kid without those things. Overall it's a 50-50, but idk at the end of the day.

  • i have like 12 websites open that i use daily and half of those aren't actually social media, i'm cooler than the rest of you

  • This movie is terrible because its people saying " I made this, and it's terrible, and someone should do something about it. But not me. I did my time already."

  • The issue is they’re trying to make people 𝗳𝗲𝗮𝗿 it. Like just be cautious

  • i cried with that documentary, and i get your point and theirs but like the point is that it can be good but there are so many bad things about it, so we have to really watch out around it, not overuse it

  • apple employee kid doing drugs the apple employee as long as it isnt social media and video games is fine

  • This video creates a positive balance👍

  • Deleting social media off my phone made my life better. I deleted my Facebook app almost 3 years ago. Never missed it since. Since im with an Iphone (other phones can have this as well) at the end of the week a graph with my “Screen-time” is given. 2-4 hours per day on Instagram??? Imagine all other things you could do with your life other than consume bullshit and people faking themselves looking cool, happy or extraordinary. Deleted Instagram September 2020. I agree a lot with these guys but you do have some valuable points about them. Im pretty sure at least half of them knew what they were doing. I suspect they ignored the consequences. What I DIDN’T like about The Social Dilemma is that they tried calling crazy all the people who had some kind of conspiracy theory that didn’t match their ideals. Also embarrassing the Anti-vax community a couple of months prior to the corona vaccine coming out :). If a person thought this documentary is all about the truth, then you wouldn’t have seen it on Netflix.

    • @Its_R i use BRdown for educational purposes mainly. Won’t be deleting it soon unless i feel getting sucked in a constant pleasure loop hole.

    • But now delete youtube

    • Fr

  • Sad to see this Big of off a Channel is Missing the Whole message of The Documentary

  • My mom made me watch the social dilemma 2 days after she found out I was suicidal.... she made me more depressed.

  • Drop the F-BOMB!!!

  • you are right, the doc was pretty one sided but i think it still made some valid points. the main take away i got from watching the social dilemma was how much more the tech behind these sites is affecting us than we realize and that there needs to be more regulations put in place on these companies to protect users.

  • I feel you lost the point of the documentary ... A real problem is that these platforms make money by advertising so you get a lot of content that just feels your time for no reason. When they design the platform they take into account how to grasp you attention .. which makes them addictive . I feel that the issue here is that some people are addicted to social media the same way others are addicted to casino games . This can be a problem and we should address it. Of course the technology today helped us a lot, but this age of over marketing is not helping

  • To think I had to see this for a sociology class

  • I watched this movie in class, but never actually saw this side of it, but it’s true

  • Mo ins

  • Her g f an he pas way

  • I don't agree with you, you're missing the point and want to push your own narrative.

  • Metal Gear Solid 2 Predicts Current Year

  • The point was, that it messes are up, making us depresed, be used by algorithm and sometimes we shouldnt use the social apps that much. Yeah it is made so dramatic, but the drama is real...

  • This guy's clueless.

  • This is true. Check out

  • We all know tails, this was about heads

  • The comments fixed what Alex missed but that ain't a bad thing or like "you deserved it" no, it's good for having more perspectives in mind because Alex's was still relevant.

  • Social media is fine, there’s lots of positive things that come from it and people help others feel better. But, every good thing has a bad one. The reason I no longer have instagram on my phone, I got angry a lot at these people who are just dicks so they can laugh when people get mad. It was controlling my life to the point where I cried at a fucking reply of one of these people. That’s when I knew it was too much and went to delete it. I rarely go on Instagram or twitter, I go on Twitter like twice a year, and Instagram more so being like 3 times every two months. There are bad things that come from these apps so I think I get what they’re going for with this documentary. I understand the idea and the concepts, they just failed to explain what’s good that comes form these apps as you said.

  • social media has pros and cons. it's easy to access all the information you want, stay in touch with friends, etc. we all know, because most of us tend to spend a lot of time on it. The internet has come and dominated life to the point where it feels like there is no return (know I sound extreme). If you think about it, many to most of us grew up visiting friends, playing outside, doing lots of sport, building treehouses, etc... etc... etc. Without me even noticing, my life has started to consist mostly or even purely just interacting with media and entertaining myself with technology. Look, social media is cool and all, but I just feel like we should bring more balance into our lives. for example, you can practice discipline, by saying that you will only spend a certain amount of time online. One thing I have realised is that, media does not do anything for me, really. Sometimes you'll find yourself constantly checking Instagram, but it's purely out of habit. there are no DM's, or new notifications or anything, you just pop through to distract yourself. Social media has led to a real disconnect in society, although more factors can be attributed to this. Perhaps people are not spending time with people in person for other reasons as well. Social media (among other distractions) can really take time out of your life that you can spend on things that make you happy. If social media was used less or didn't exist in your life, what would you do in that time? there are positive and negative habits that can be substituted for the time you would've spent on social media. some would exercise and spend time outside with friends and family, while others would drink, smoke, and so on (not saying that those things are bad, just saying that in excess it can be very damaging). I have found that in my university years I felt very stuck in my life. I would reminisce about high school and all the happy times I had back then... then it hit me, the difference was that I actually went out and did things in high school. I would go on trips, play sports, hang with friends, and so on. In University, when I had more control over my day and how I spent it, I will admit that I picked up bad habits. Days wasted away doing things that aren't getting me anywhere in life. After noticing these things, I definitely want to use social media less, as well as other vices that are sucking my time away like leeches. I am starting to replace my time with exercise, and so on. It is just all a weird, figuring out process. The important thing is to do stuff, keep your days interesting... if you do the same thing everyday, of course your life is going to be boring. These vices and bad habits keep you at home, wasting your days away, while you ask yourself what you're even doing with your life. It is important to be intrinsic, know your goals, dreams, purpose, desires, and needs. Work at the life you want, and learn something new... this keeps life fresh and interesting.

  • Ok y’all in the comments hear me out, these guys think that social media CAN BE GOOD. But there’s so much about it that needs to be fixed. And they didn’t add teenagers in the documentary because they are interviewing people who WORKED AT TECH COMPANIES. They didn’t just get random people who work at McDonalds. Teenagers aren’t gonna know anything about this stuff. This is not about OPINION. It’s about FACTS. And now I am mentally prepared for everyone attacking me in the replies.

  • problem w social media and says snapchat of youra loser!!!!!there you go

  • I had a school assignment to review this and i think the principal is gonna hate me more now

  • To be honest they did speak on the point that the positives don't exceed the negatives

  • So, I think The Social Dilemma is a really great documentary that warns us about what may happen if we get obsessed with social media to the point of not being able to live without it, and we definitely have reached that point already. While this documentary does have a very “dooms day” vibe to it, it provides a lot of great point and explains how social media has kind of ruined our society and gen z and a lot of things like that. Some people can choose not to except it, but the whole premise is not “we must delete all social media”, which is wise but very very difficult in our day and age, it’s more of “we need to be careful how much time we are spending on social media”. I understand that’s like a huge cliché and people have been saying that forever and it “doesn’t really change you that much” or whatever, but they actually touch on that in the documentary. The whole thing is very interesting and just warns you. Don’t assume you know everything about this subject after watching a BRdown video, watch the documentary, decide how you feel. This is only one view of it from one person, whose view may not be the same as yours.

  • I never watched this but everytime i see it on preview it's like "well duh! Tell me something i don't know" internet bad. Ads bad. Social media bad. Video games bad. What's new? Are we just acting that we didn't know this? Everything is bad when you use it to an extent.

  • You totally missed the point. In beginning they acknowledge all the good things internet has done. BUT, despite all of that, what is ruining our experience is the business model. They say what we already know for YEARS but choose to avert our eyes: social medial algorithms are ruining our perception of the world. We isolate ourselves in bubbles, choosing to see just what pleases us. THIS creates polarization. We crave for human interation, but only if they agree with us, like the same shows, listen to the same music. Social media IS controlling us. I remember 2010, mere a decade ago, when having a smartphone wasn't a necessity to keep in touch. Now it is even if you don't want it. As we say here in Brazil, things are not "8 or 80", it's not a "accept or ban all social media" situation. We just have to create a tool that don't exploit our human weaknesses or our constant need for attention just so they can make money off us. Oh, and delete facebook. That shit is worse than crack.

  • It was really a great documantation👍🏻


  • okay this is a really great video and i love it and all but wouldn't it be funny if he talked about this in the exact same style he talks about shitty teen romcoms and old disney channel shows

  • This video misses the major purpose of the documentary. Its called the Social Dilemma. Not the Internet Dilemma. This is not a documentary about how the internet has ruined the world or holds back the world from communication. This a documentary that cautions all users of the Internet to be cautious of how they use it and how they form their opinions based on what they find online because the online world tends to be shouting one mainstream view based on what the algorithm believes you want to see. The interviewees chosen are chosen to explain the way these different medias were built in order to provide a perspective from a place of authority or education. These individuals are the best informed on how the online process works, and you are capable of looking to yourself for the personal effect that online culture has. Essentially, this documentary was meant to provide a perspective beyond our own which is only built from our personal experiences on social media. It is not a documentary meant to say "Hello here is a solution to the problem of addictive algorithms online" but rather say "Hello here is an issue of the inethical way these algorithms were created". There are certainly issues within the documentary and an argument could be made for how one-sided it was overall, but your video mislabels the purpose of the documentary and ends up arguing against multiple strawmen.

  • Worth seeing your pov, good job. I'm disabled, it helps me. your opinion is interesting.

  • Someone suggested I see "The Social Dilemma"...but I m glad I saw this before that too...cos it's important to understand both sides of opinions... Of course Too much of anything is bad Of course a thing that starts beautifully ends horribly sometimes...but we always have the choice, it's the freedom of making those choices ourselves that makes us feel really of course we know all that is wrong with social media..but also we need ot know that it did help us in many ways too, n it all comes down to how we chose to use all of it, as is with every other luxury in this world.

  • Ya all these people that got what they wanted out of the system. Now tell us we shouldnt use it. People need to look at themselves. All we as humans lol do is point fingers and its all someone else's fault lol. Skynet 2020 lol

  • I hate how parents use this movie to scare kids offline, it dosnt work at all lmao. It’s the classic “rot ya brain” sorta deal and it really bugs me

  • Hey Alex! I love your videos and I watch them every day and they always make my day much much much better! I love your reactions and your animation! I have some suggestions I don’t think you’ve done yet! 1.Jessie (2011-2015) 2. Bunk’d (Jessie Spin off, 2015-still running) 3. Unaccompanied Minors (2006) 4. Ducktales (2017-??) 5.Dragon Quest Your Story (2019) I hope you see this comment and take at least 2 of my suggestions! I’m your biggest fan and it would mean A lot to me! -Beatriz :D

  • What’s so funny about that movie is they act like we didn’t know all that already. It was shown to my health class, and I was pretty annoyed at first, but the last straw for me was when they used teenage girl su!cide and self h@rm from 2013 to push their agenda, without proving anything, even that the statistics were real, and lacking a trigger warning even though their own statistics showed that it was very likely that one or more ppl in that room would be triggered. It just left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • 5:45 i agree because i found some of my happiness from social media because I found bts which led me to find other groups, because of those people I found more about of other things i never knew about myself. Thanks to lgbt+ community I found more about how people hate the fact love is love and how i can view it. I found there was some racist people in my life and homophobic as well but they could have changed since this all happened when we were kids at the time. I found out so much about the world the good and bad simply because of the internet. I may have been worst if I didn’t find all this out but now i view things from a new point of view and found out it is way better to view things from a netural point rather than taking sides right away if I don’t have the concrete evidence yet

  • Can u do one on Hamilton?

  • Social media is the TV... transistor radio...picture show...Hi-Fi...comic book...boom box for this generation. Technology isn’t good or bad. It’s just new. TV didn’t rot my brain despite hours of MTV and my kids will be fine with social media as long as they have a realistic understanding of it. Just like we didn’t believe life was a music video. SM isn’t real life either.

  • Normally I am with you but today u really sound kinda ignorant and like u didn’t watch the docu or didn’t give much attention to it at all , because the only thing they are spreading is attention

  • Why do theses people sound like the joker

  • Any form of technology is simply a tool. Yes, social media can cause narrow-minded people to come together in the thousands to cause chaos, but it has also created communities that collaborate and share their research findings or reach out to those who need it. It's just how you use it.

  • " _ok boomer_ "