Big Time Rush was a weird show...

Publicado em 14 Out 2020
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  • I remember 3 things about this serie 1 the intro 2 the apartment with a slide 3 the sungs

  • Day 1 of asking you to review the boy who cried werewolf 💖

  • Yup if it’s enough to get a chance chuckle it’s good that’s all I need to hear

  • 7:31 I actually want to know the answer to that question.... is that wrong I'm curious!!!!

  • james' haircut is actually really bad idk y ive just realised this its like before the curtains hairstyle came up this was like the big thing

  • I am personally offended by this video

  • I would honestly kill for this show to be on Netflix.

  • Okay but low key I'm 19 and I recently binge watched big time rush, and I don't regret a single second of it..

  • is nothing new dude

  • THIS SHOW WAS MY CHILDHOOD.....but then it was pulled and I had to pay for it on A Prime😤

  • Can u do the rest of the show?

  • Yeah I do want to punch somebody in the face

  • Yeah

  • Can you do a review on Malcolm In the middle please

  • You haven’t done all the shows until you’ve done sponge-bob.

  • Naked brothers band for life

  • Im glad someone else made the Monkees comparison

  • BTR is still my favorite band and show

  • how dare you man, they dropped bangers

  • "Can you imagine millions of young teenage girls being obsessed with a group of singing dancing pretty boys?" Me: * slowly looks over at all my kpop posters * No,not at all 😃

  • Show should kept going lol some of them shoulda chose Hockey.

  • Man what happen to these weirdos? They were massive up until that One Direction group took over. Then they just faded into obscurity. Me and my brothers always had a laughing with making fun of them.

  • i usually just groan loudly (it's either that or pee on my screen to establish dominance) while loving to hate those shows. this time I actually chuckled like 3 times in a row (the build to the bazooka a FUNNY!) and snickered like 5 times during this review. for those kind of shows it's a very big emotional response. should i get tested for something? it could be terminal since i'm at the same age range as Alex (35, so old!). the last week I've binged watched your channel and i gotta say you're awesome even when i'm not HIGH! :)

  • Btr is my second favorite boy band...after bts ofc

  • This show was basically “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” (another Nick show) but centered around a boy band for some reason. I think both shows shared some show crew and actors too. It’s relation with Ned’s was basically the only reason I stuck with this show, as I enjoyed that show’s style of humor. And let’s just say both these shows style of humor can get pretty kooky. Other than that the other things going on with this show like the songs weren’t bad. Although some songs got stuck in my head for some reason. Would have preferred more Ned’s though, but it was a fair substitute. Now that I’m thinking of it have you ever tackled Ned’s Declassified yet? On a random note: I have zero memory of the pilot episode for some reason. I can recall certain recurring characters and episodes, but not the beginning of the show for some reason.



  • 4:57 Not 100% true. They’re in Minnesota. And you know what’s in Minnesota? The Mall of America! WOO! MINNESOTA REPRESENT!!!🇺🇸

  • Tbh they look like school shooters

  • I remember being into Kendell when I watched this show and I have no idea way

  • 🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️ ¿te gusta grey's anatomy? ¡esto te va a interesar! ✨¡Unete a nuestro grupo para competir junto a un equipo, conocer gente de otros países y divertirte! ¡Te esperamos! 🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️🌴⛱️

  • 1:51 “then they rush over” W-were they in a, *big time rush?*

  • Does he not realize they they were a band outside of the show and went on tour

  • One of the kids from Big Time Rush, Carlos, is married to one of the original Spy Kids.

  • only two words: one direction

  • What how

  • literally the monkees was the first thing i thought of when i saw this as a kid! i grew up with a box set

  • 'And has a big proposal for them...' 'Battle Cats X Hatsune Miku'

  • Divorced?

  • men, it's been like 11 years since my 7 years old me watched this show, and im still in love with logan, show was kinda meh, but i still love this band lmao

  • Your so funny

  • Apparently Tara Strong (Timmy Turner) guest starred on this show for only four episodes

  • Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

  • You said you wouldnt do brooklyn 99 cause its ment to be silly but is this not as well?

  • do radio rebel please

  • Wait, Alex is divorced ?

  • I love this show I watched this show first 4 year old and I watched hundred thousand time I watch every year lot of times

  • This is best show

  • Okay but, "Til I forget about you" is their most bangin' track

  • Man, Midwstern small towns sound shitty. We had plenty to do in southern small towns. Lots and lots of meth.

  • Gah fucking damn. My kid watches this and she is the type to keep looking at me when we do to see if I like it, so I gotta smile and nod and... my soul is depleted.

  • Big time rush was my childhood 😂

  • Yeah, I for some liked this show too xDD the theme was catchy


  • I'm so sad to hear Alex is divorced

  • Duuude, stop comparing BTS to 1D, those guys are leagues ahead AND they are heavily involved in the creative process

  • I had such a crush on Logan

  • Bruh this was my favorite show

  • Started in 2009 and ended in 2014. In like one week I'm turning 20, and I have felt so old

  • This was my childhood damn

  • Please do Pair of Kings, from Disney

    • Omg yes, that would super hilarious

  • Strange....A Acceptable Nick Sit Com Not Made By Dan....Very Strange

  • 5:43 I just loveeeeeeee BTS references💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


  • Big Time Rush Changed My Life😍 Rushersss💪🏼

  • U don’t got the answers SWAY

  • I remember BTR actually went on tour and they DIDN'T GO TO MINNESOTA. It was a big wtf to me at the time. Like why have them be from Minnesota and not stop here on tour.

  • Is funny to think that big time rush kind of brought boy bands back but they actually didn't get that famous (sorry for my broken english)

  • This was my childhood

  • Am i the only one who didnt like big time rush?

  • Boyz in the Sink

  • He is probably the worst person ever

  • Big time rush is 🔥🔥

  • I need to see you do a review of Henry Danger, my favourite show!!!!

  • 5:43 OH MY GOD HE USED BTS BTS!!!! sorry my inner ARMY came out

  • Do Henry danger

  • Alex, bro, U got divorced? I’m sorry bro.. I’m really really man. Hope ur feelin better bro.

  • "Sad trombone" 😂😂😂😂. I love it

  • Bruh back then I didn’t realize that Kendall’s eyebrows 😂 I can’t~

  • do jessie

  • do jessie

  • I don’t know if I should be happy or sad

  • Okay, but did you bop to their songs??

  • Hah 750 how pitiful I have no life and have like 1,800 hours!

  • Am i the only one who recalls The Naked Brothers Band?

  • I loved this show.....😅🥲😖😭 But man were they SIMPS!!!

  • Sorry about the divorce

  • Rusher forever! But hey can you do the show Grimm????

  • Big time rush is life. try to convince me otherwise, trust me you won't

  • BTR will always be a great part of my childhood.. I wonder where the boys are now.

  • My dad: Clean ur room or no phone for a week! Me: 6:53 Also me: *Doesn't clean my room* 4:59

  • I grew up with btr and they rock litterally boyfriend and Famous are the best but i just know your the youtuber so critic as much as you want

  • I got the game so quick 😂😂

  • Bruh big time rush was hilarious. It was werid but it was a fun type of werid. And everyone would laugh at It. Not just 12 year olds.

  • 3:32 Okay that granny popping up saying “not bad” made me chuckle

  • Alex is a divorcee? Where have I been?


  • BTR was and still be the shit if 2000’s

  • Those four DUDES set off to the audition

  • Oh-oh-ohoh-oh-----!